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Outdoor Furniture brings cozy vibes like rooftop cafes at home. If you love to spend your evenings surrounded by nature, then outdoor table and chairs are the perfect pair for your lounging retreats. Studio Nomadic brings you an extensive range of patio furniture, such as garden chairs, outdoor sofa sets like cane sofa set, balcony table, outdoor dining table sets, chairs for a balcony, and coffee table sets. With a range of durable materials like wood, metal, aluminium, wicker, rattan, and rope, you can explore a variety of waterproof outdoor furniture in our collection. Make your outdoor seating experience more relaxing with our modern patio set. Whether garden or balcony, every outdoor spot of your home can be groomed elegantly with our sleek collection of outdoor furniture. With attractive discounts, free shipping, and fast delivery, get your favorite patio furniture online at best price from Studio Nomadic.

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Different Types of Outdoor Furniture Available at Studio Nomadic

Studio Nomadic has a wide collection of patio furniture that can fulfil your every lounging need. Here, you can find all this outdoor furniture online:

Outdoor Coffee Table Sets: Gone are the days when you had to barge through the traffic and wait for the booking just to enjoy coffee with your friends. With a coffee table set from Studio Nomadic, you can bring a cafe to your home. There are a lot of attractive coffee table design in our outdoor furniture india online collection that can perfectly spruce up your outdoor retreats. When 2 seater or 4 seater coffee table set, you will get everything in our patio furniture.

Outdoor Sofa Sets: If you miss the soothing evening winds while sitting in your living room, why don't you get an outdoor sofa sets to feel the breeze? Crafted with durable materials, the outdoor sofa set from Studio Nomadic will offer you a perfect couching experience without costing much.

Outdoor Dining Sets: Make your every evening meal a dinner date with the outdoor dining set from Studio Nomadic. Whether it’s just you and your partner or a whole family, the dinner nights will be fun every time, as we have outdoor table and garden chair set for all. You can also extend your dining area with the wicker chairs from our patio furniture so that no one can get left.

Outdoor Table and Chair Set: Lazy weekends are meant to be spent at home, right? Don’t miss out on the fun while still being at home with an outdoor table and chair set. Whether you want to enjoy a board game or just want to read a novel while stretching out your legs, the outdoor table and chair will accompany you in every circumstance seamlessly.

Outdoor Tables: Conversations with loved ones make us feel relaxed, and with some favorite beverages and snacks, you feel like these conversations never end. With a balcony table chair set online in india from Studio Nomadic, you can keep your conversation going by placing all your favorite food on it. There are a lot of attractive outdoor table available in our collection that can spruce up your outdoor spaces.

Garden Chairs: A cushioned balcony chair can bring comfort to your outdoor recreations and make your lounging more fun. There are a lot of outdoor chairs available in our wide collection, ranging from wicker chairs to metal chairs. Our stunning Chair in garden collection will surely add to the elegance of your outdoor spaces.

Choose Outdoor Furniture for Different Areas of Your Home

Outdoor Furniture: The outdoor furniture at Studio Nomadic comes in different shapes and sizes. With our sturdy materials and finest craftsmanship, you can put our outdoor furniture to any recreational area, like a poolside, deck, or patio. Whether it's sunlight, rain, or extreme weather conditions, our patio furniture can withstand any circumstance seamlessly.

Balcony Furniture: Our balcony furniture features a compact design, specifically crafted to fit into your small balconies. Their space-efficient design will help you make a harmonious arrangement with sufficient lounging and movement area. There are a wide variety of balcony table and chairs and other furniture in this range.

Garden Furniture: Studio Nomadic, with its attractive range of garden furniture online, is ready to give a sleek touch to your garden area while adding to your comfort. Whether it is our garden chairs or garden tables, the lightweight build, stunning designs, and plush comfort will make you go gaga over them.

Different Outdoor Furniture Materials Available at Studio Nomadic

When you search for patio furniture online, the choice of materials matters the most. At Studio Nomadic, we have different sturdy materials for outdoor furniture set from which you can choose from.

  1. Metal Outdoor Furniture – If you are looking for patio furniture that can add a sleek touch to your outdoor lounging, then check out our metal outdoor furniture. While offering efficient durability, the metal patio furniture also requires less maintenance.
  2. Wooden Outdoor Furniture – While enjoying the surroundings of nature, you can select wooden patio furniture and add a classical elegance to your outdoor spaces. If you need sturdy patio furniture, then wooden materials are the best option to go for.
  3. Wicker Outdoor Furniture – Outdoor furniture crafted with wicker gives a sleek appearance. If you are in search of waterproof outdoor furniture, wicker would be the ideal choice for you. At Studio Nomadic, you will find a range of wicker garden chairs in our collection.
  4. Rope Outdoor Furniture – For your love of minimalistic decor, chairs for the balcony made of rope will suit your outdoor spaces elegantly. With their sophisticated look, you also don’t have to worry much about the maintenance.
  5. Plastic Patio Furniture – Garden table chair set made of plastic are widely common among households. Their light-weight design and vibrant colour combination make them ideal for outdoor retreats. If affordable outdoor furniture is your requirement, plastic material will fulfil it seamlessly.

Things to Consider When Buying Outdoor Furniture

Before you buy outdoor furniture online, there are certain things that you must consider when making an ideal purchase. Some of which are:

  • Check out the space in your outdoor spaces before buying any patio furniture. On the basis of the available space, choose the right outdoor furniture that can fit seamlessly while not making your balcony or garden look overwhelmed.
  • Before buying outdoor furniture, checking the weather resistance properties of the material is essential. Since there will be times when you will not be able to move-in your patio furniture during rain or extreme weather, checking the durability will save you from troubles.
  • On the basis of your comfort needs, choose the right outdoor furniture. If you want a full-relaxing experience, buying an outdoor sofa would be best, if you need a comfortable sitting experience, buying garden chairs would be ideal.
  • As per your decor style, choose an outdoor furniture set that can complement your aesthetics. At Studio Nomadic, you will see different types of patio furniture, like modern, traditional, and contemporary, from which you can make your selection.
  • Identifying the maintenance requirements of different garden furniture table and chairs are essential before purchasing. For instance, rope and metal lawn chair need very little maintenance, while wicker and wooden outdoor tables and chairs need constant maintenance for longevity.

Cleaning & Maintenance Tips for Outdoor Furniture Set

To keep your patio furniture looking new and add years to its life, there are certain tips that you can follow. Some of these are:

  1. Regular Cleaning - You should regularly dust off the balcony furniture like balcony chairs and lawn chairs to avoid the accumulation of dirt and dust. It will help maintain the finish and shine of your outdoor table and chairs.
  2. Spot Cleaning - To clean the spills or spots from your garden furniture, you should use a microfiber cloth dampened in a mild solution of soap and water. Wipe away the surface of your outdoor furniture with it to remove the stains.
  3. Furniture Covers – Using covers for your outdoor furniture set will help you protect from the extreme weather conditions.
  4. Regular Inspection – Constantly inspect your balcony furniture to check for damage, cracks, or loose joints. If you find any such signs, promptly get them repaired.
  5. Change Placement – Although outdoor furniture is prepared to withstand extreme weather, but if you want to maintain it like new, you have to avoid keeping it constantly out during rains.
  6. Rotate the Cushions – If you have kept cushions on your outdoor sofa set or your balcony chairs, rotate them accordingly. This way, you can safeguard the upholstery from getting faded in a single spot.

Buy Budget Friendly Outdoor Furniture Online from Studio Nomadic

When it comes to affordable outdoor furniture, Studio Nomadic has got you covered with our wide range. From garden table and chairs set to outdoor sofa, you will find everything at a budget-friendly price in our collection.

Outdoor Coffee Table Sets: Sip your favorite coffee on your balcony or garden with an affordable coffee table set from Studio Nomadic. Here, you will find elegant outdoor coffee table sets starting at just ₹6,999.

Outdoor Dining Sets: Your outdoor dinners won’t cost you much with the outdoor dining set from Studio Nomadic. Even if you have more members in your family, you can get a 4 seater outdoor dining table sets at an affordable price of ₹29,989.

Outdoor Sofa Sets: Sofa sets are meant to create a cozy seating space. With an affordable outdoor sofa set from Studio Nomadic, you can create spacious seating in your garden or terrace for just ₹49,989.

Outdoor Chairs: If you are in search of an affordable garden chair online, then end your search at Studio Nomadic. Our balcony chair collection starts at just ₹2,399 and features a lot of stunning designs.

Why Choose Studio Nomadic to Buy Outdoor Furniture Online?

Studio Nomadic is the go to place for customers looking for the best outdoor furniture at affordable price. With our exclusive patio furniture collection, you can fulfil every outdoor seating need. From garden or yard chairs to outdoor sofa, coffee table sets to outdoor dining sets, you will find everything in our extensive range. With irresistible discounts and offers, you can get outdoor furniture at low price from our website. To add to your convenience, Studio Nomadic offers free delivery, fast shipping, easy EMI options, and free instalment for every patio furniture you purchase from us.

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